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Thanksgiving Poem by Charles A. Waugaman

Thanksgiving Complete

Father, I wish to praise You for the whole
of life. Besides these blessings obvious
and bright with benediction for the soul;
beyond intangibles that comfort us
when doubters cower under circumstance
and faithless people cast all hope on wealth;
even before the graces that advance
our comfort, pleasure, family and health,
I would give thanks for pain, displeasure, fear,
reversals that avoid the cul-de-sac
of pride, anxieties, and every tear
that draws me near through prejudice or lack
to Your forgiveness. Surely all is good
that leads me into doing what I should.

Charles A. Waugaman (1932 – 2010)

WITHIN The Circle Of Seasons
Poems by Charles A. Waugaman
Elin Grace Publishing
ISBN 0-9729848-1-X
2003, Author Copyright
All Rights Reserved

Cover Art

I’ve shared pictures with you of the covers for Quiet Christmas Poetry and Welcoming Hope: poems for those in need (anthology with Time Of Singing).

You can see the pictures again and order from the Time Of Singing books page, if you wish.


In 2016, I worked with The Haiku Foundation to create a Gallery of Cover Art.  The covers also tell part of the story of English Language Haiku in a visual way, as they are from many years.  Mini-chapbooks, books, journals, and anthologies are represented, with links to the original sources.  Thank you to Dave Russo for his work to publish the gallery.


Ellen Grace Olinger

Acrostic for ADVENT and Photos

A  doration and
D  evotion
V  ision of
E  ternity
N  ow in
T  ime

This is a favorite poem, and thank you.

We included this poem in Quiet Christmas Poetry (2014).

These are photos from 2017 – grateful for God’s gifts of beauty.


100_8299 (2)

One of my treasures from Bethesda Thrift Store in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.


Lake Michigan yesterday


The light and found art on the wood porch are an inspiration, these colder days.

100_9444 (2)

Ellen Grace Olinger

The Story of Quiet Christmas Poetry

Yesterday, I mentioned that Karl’s winter photo of the Lake Michigan beach became the cover of Quiet Christmas Poetry.   We created the book from my Christmas site.

If you wish to purchase a copy, please visit the Time Of Singing books page.  Lora Homan Zill, Editor, takes good care of the orders.

All of the poems and more information are available at Quiet Christmas Poetry.

All proceeds benefit Time Of Singing: A Journal of Christian Poetry.

The actual size of the book is 5 and 1/2 by 8 and 1/2 inches.
32 pages.
ISBN  978-0-9729848-5-0
Elin Grace Publishing

Creative Achievements

anniversary-2xYesterday was our 7th anniversary with  Karl helped me register my first blog, Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin, on December 19, 2009.

I began this site, Poems From Psalms And Nature, on July 18, 2010.

Each month, I review my archives.  It was interesting to see that some of the poems that became Quiet Christmas Poetry, a site and large print chapbook, go back to 2010 on this site.  For example:

Christmas night sky
becomes sunrise
tree branches
covered with ice
glisten in the sun


We published the large print chapbook in 2014.  This year I updated the Quiet Christmas Poetry site.  The posts/poems that became the book are listed in the right sidebar, following some information posts.  There is a Short Review by Lora Homan Zill, from Time Of Singing (Fall 2015), which in turn links to the TOS books page.

My next goal is to share gift copies with our Wisconsin libraries and nursing homes, given Karl’s beautiful cover photo of Lake Michigan.


Thank you,

and blessings,

Ellen Grace Olinger

Lake Michigan - photo by Karl
Lake Michigan – photo by Karl

Creative Notes and Gift Ideas

Kathleen Gresham Everett’s site is The Course of Our Seasons.  Today I am reading her book, Festival of Lessons and Carols, Poems of December.  Please visit her page, The Seasons Bookshop, for more information about her books.


Quiet Christmas Poetry, the large print book Karl and I created from my site of the same name, is available at the Time Of Singing books page.  Since I recently posted about the anthology, Welcoming Hope: Poems for those in need, I would like to mention that you can combine orders for both books, for the special 3 for 12 dollars price.  All the details are at the TOS site.  Time Of Singing is published four times a year, and also would be a nice gift for someone else or yourself.  Lora Homan Zill is Editor.

My Aunt Irma was called Home this summer at the age of 99.  We went to a remembrance service at her retirement home last week, to honor and remember many residents.  When Aunt Irma first looked at the large print Christmas book, she said, “Oh, I can read this.”


Lora Zill’s site is FEELING GOD’S PLEASURE THROUGH CREATIVE WORK, the blue collar artist.   I enjoyed viewing her page, Stained Glass Art, today.


Thank you,

Ellen Grace Olinger

November poem from Welcoming Hope

Cover art by Charles A. Waugaman
Cover art by Charles A. Waugaman

few leaves
left on the lilac
living with
your loss


This is my poem in the anthology with Time Of Singing (TOS), Welcoming Hope: Poems for those in need.

Please visit the books page at TOS for more information.

Thank you,

Ellen Grace Olinger