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the gift of seasons

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the gift of seasons

still having the faith
to keep trying when
we could have stayed
discouraged many times

(though sometimes we need
a rest and can trust
our part of this work
to others for a time)

the miracle of being here

saying our thank yous
to God

and to one another

this day

by Ellen Grace Olinger

This is a poem from August 2012 on this site.
I called that post Sunrise Poem.

Photo by Karl.

Welcoming Hope: Poems for those in need


We have two books in print.  I’ve shared about Quiet Christmas Poetry.

Today I’d like to mention Welcoming Hope: Poems for those in need. This is a poetry anthology with Time Of Singing: A Journal Of Christian Poetry.

Lora Homan Zill
Ellen G. Olinger

Charles A. Waugaman
Art Editor, Illustrator

Elin Grace Publishing

ISBN 978-0-9729848-4-3

Please visit the books page at Time Of Singing, if you wish more information.  All proceeds benefit Time Of Singing.

Ellen Grace Olinger

It Is Important


To have a vision
to sustain the effort
to see it all the way
through – –

Even when it seems
to leave you

This is a favorite old poem, and it has found many homes.  It was published first in Time Of Singing.

Today I also think about the importance of prayer and conversation with a good friend.  I am older now, and I have not been able to finish everything.  Or sometimes, a project rests for a time; then is renewed.

The poem encourages others, because, in my experience, creative work also goes through phases when we are simply being faithful to the work.   Perhaps the initial vision has faded somewhat.

Small steps are progress too.

Ellen Grace Olinger