Old and New Poems

Christmas carnations

in the vase
that used to hold
fresh flowers for Mom

each in turn
to bless us

Christmas Memories And Blessings – December 12, 2011

beautiful with
and without flowers
vase from my mother


Ellen Grace Olinger

Two Notes

Quiet Christmas Poetry: 2020 Update is a new post at Quiet Christmas Poetry. I share the book anew each year. The posts that became the book can also be read.

Creative Note: Mead Public Library Blog is a new post at Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin. “Good to learn about books that staff at libraries recommend.” We are grateful for our libraries.

Ellen Grace Olinger

names and addresses

Photo by Karl

names and addresses
for dear friends
no longer on earth
old address book

not yet written
in the overflowing book
cards and envelopes
with last known

still wanting to remember
what may no longer
be current – places I was
people I knew

Ellen Grace Olinger
Time Of Singing A Journal Of Christian Poetry
Volume 45  Number 1
Spring 2018

Photo by Karl


in a sunny corner
of the house
I could be
any age

Ellen Grace Olinger

My poem was published in WestWard Quarterly, The Magazine of Family Reading (Winter 2016). Shirley Anne Leonard is Editor.

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