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Guest Artist – Merrill Ann Gonzales


This is a beautiful photo by Merrill’s husband, the late John L. Gonzales.

Both fine artists, we begin this Guest Post of Merrill’s drawings in John’s honor.


Cover Pine Island Journal of New England Poetry 2003 – 2004

Cover Stone Country

Cover Whole Notes 1993 a time for singing

Voices International Cover Drawing

Photo by John L. Gonzales and drawings by Merrill Ann Gonzales.
All Rights Reserved.

Posted here with Merrill’s kind permission.

Compassion – A Haiku And Reflection


      of compassion . . .

              she pins up my hair


Today is the 8th anniversary of my mother’s passing.   All is well.   I thought I’d share this haiku, which relates to different memories.  When I was a girl, Mom brushed my hair and braided it before school.   When she was old, I brushed her long hair for her.

This haiku was published first in Time Of Singing (1996).

Love For You Became Her Care

Today is my dad’s birthday.
He was born in 1915 and called Home in 1983.
My mother was born in 1917 and called Home in 2004.  

love for you

became her care

until she joined you there

grief gives way to fields and wind

and now I hear your voice again

Published in
Bell’s Letters Poet.