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Love For You Became Her Care

Today is my dad’s birthday.
He was born in 1915 and called Home in 1983.
My mother was born in 1917 and called Home in 2004.  

love for you

became her care

until she joined you there

grief gives way to fields and wind

and now I hear your voice again

Published in
Bell’s Letters Poet.

Short Poems About Trees

Reviewing my work revealed that I often write about trees.  So I created this collection.  Hope you enjoy!

one month ends
another begins
evergreen branches
frame the night sky


tree branches
and winter white sky
poem on the page


 wind freeing the snow
from evergreen branches


river of light
along the evergreens
the friends who stayed


wind uplifting
the branches of trees


small branch growing
from the old tree trunk


gentle spring winds
in evergreen trees
the friendship we grew

for Enola

“Gentle spring winds” was the Top Post for this blog in 2011.
The title of the post is “Haiku For Mother’s Day” (May 7, 2011).

losses in life
low setting sun
through branches of trees
now rises again
as birds quietly sing


patterns on my floor
moving with the breeze
sun from the West
branches of leaves

Published in TIME OF SINGING (2011).

Psalm 1: 3 (KJV) :

And he shall be like a tree
planted by the rivers of water,
that bringeth forth his fruit in his season;
his leaf also shall not wither;
and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

Photo of hosta and tree by Karl.

Holiday Mail

Sitting quietly and reading the Psalms…which inspire this blog, along with the nature outside my window and along country roads.

I reflected upon my recent posts and the holiday mail.  As you can tell, I miss receiving cards from Charles Waugaman and am honored to share his work.  He was one of the first editors to take my poetry seriously and to publish it (20 years ago).  He edited TIME OF SINGING (TOS) for years, an international literary Christian journal, still in print and now edited by Lora Zill for many years.  It is also illustrated by different artists. 

Charles left so much art behind and I will not ever reach the end of reading and viewing his work.  He meditated upon Scripture and prayed constantly.  He mostly gave his art away–this was ministry for him. We became friends after he retired to Vermont.  We shall meet again.  Lora Zill continues to publish his poetry and drawings in TOS.

My thoughts turn now to the wide variety of holiday mail.   This year is special for many reasons.  Former Sunday School students wrote to us and shared pictures of their families. I heard from fellow students from different colleges and from former professors.  Many greetings from family and friends. Thank you for yours as well.  

New Year’s card courtesy of

Christmas Paintings By Charles A. Waugaman



By Charles A. Waugaman (1932 – 2010).
All Rights Reserved.


Charles was and always will be a dear friend.  These paintings are from Christmas cards he sent to me.   His art is noteworthy for many reasons, including his use of symbols and colors.  He lived in Vermont, USA.  We shall meet again.

Christmas Candle


lighting the

Christmas candle

       tiny flame


       the night



Published in Hermitage (2005)
and The Writers’ Bistro (2007).

Image courtesy of Dover Publications.
Sample from Vintage Holiday Cuts.