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The beautiful new TIME OF SINGING arrived yesterday.  I’m honored that poems from my blogs are included.

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Holy Week
lily flowers
wait to bloom

sometimes by sight
in my life of faith
apple trees in bloom

trusting God
a little more
with my questions
fog rests
on Spring fields

* * *

Ellen G. Olinger
Time Of Singing
Volume 41 Number 1
Spring 2014

Lora Homan Zill is the Editor.  The Contributing Editors for this issue are H. Edgar Hix and Shirley S. Stevens.  The Illustrations are by Janyce Brawn.  The Webmaster is Audrey Stallsmith.

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Lora Zill has a beautiful and interesting website and blog:

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haiku notes and poems


I’ve been going through my blogs and updating a few posts.  Last year, I was honored to be included in the March 2013 Per Diem collection at The Haiku Foundation (THF).  Carmen Sterba edited the collection.  The theme is “Judeo-Christian Traditions.”

Stella Pierides is the Per Diem Project Manager.  There is an archive of all the Per Diem collections, with a new collection added every month.  There is a wide variety of themes.  Here is the link:

Carmen Sterba included this poem of mine:

reading the Psalms path to the water

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I’m also preparing my submission for The Haiku Society Of America 2014 Members’ Anthology, which is a printed book.  Gary Hotham is the editor this year.  Here is the link to their home page.  The information about the Members’ Anthology is filed under NEWS.

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This poem is one of your favorites.

one red tulip
blooms in the hosta border
time alone with God

The link to the post on this blog is

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Thank you, Ellen

The tulip is from

THF Per Diem for March 2013 ~ Judeo-Christian Traditions, Carmen Sterba, Editor

October 19, 2014 note:  There is a Per Diem Archive at The Haiku Foundation, if you would like to read the poems from March 2013, and/or other months.  Stella Pierides is the Per Diem Project Manager.

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The Haiku Foundation (THF) posts a haiku every day.  This feature is called Per Diem: Daily Haiku.   Carmen Sterba is the Guest Editor for March:  Judeo-Christian Traditions.  You can learn more, if you wish, by reading the introduction by Jim Kacian, which includes commentary by Carmen Sterba, on THF troutswirl blog – February 28, 2013 post.

Blessings, Ellen
March 1, 2013

and . . .

March 18, 2013:

I wrote this haiku yesterday, and posted it in the comments for the March Per Diem today:

Good Friday
shadows of trees
on the road