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Photo Challenge: Repurpose

Repurpose – wood is used in many ways, and also is simply beautiful.  Flower bouquets can last a little longer in a new arrangement.

Lake Michigan – photo by Karl
Photo by Karl

We imagine that treasures from thrift stores have their stories, as they add new beauty to our home.  Photos can be edited and used in new ways.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Daily Prompt: Rearrange

via Daily Prompt: Rearrange


I love to rearrange books and small pictures on my shelves.  These are simple things, with special meaning.


With photography, I look for natural arrangements in the yard.  The blue tarp on Karl’s trailer is a good background for autumn.  Plants by the back door add more colors.  Pine cones and leaves are also beautiful and interesting.  A squirrel is getting ready for winter and we had a lot of wind.


Ellen Grace Olinger