Blog Collage Six: Birds

Psalm 4 post – March 20, 2020

“Heron” picture is courtesy of wpclipart.

Psalm 5 post – March 21, 2020

“Crane” picture is courtesy of wpclipart.

Psalm 6 post – March 22, 2020

Cedar Bird Engraving is courtesy of Reusable Art.

Photo by David Dibert on

Psalm 39 post – April 8, 2020

And now, Lord,
what wait I for?
my hope is in thee.

Psalm 39: 7

Lake Michigan: Poems and Photos – May 16, 2020

Pelicans were here May 2019. These two photos are by Karl.

Photo by Kevin Bidwell on

Psalm 116 post – June 16, 2020

I love the LORD,
because he hath heard
my voice and
my supplications.

Psalm 116: 1

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July to August

watching the sky change
and sunrise
plants and flowers
in the gardens
another year
in hosta time

August sunrise
goldenrod grows tall
by the window

Verse from our Psalms series:

They go from strength to strength . . .

From Psalm 84: 7 – May 18, 2020 post

Hosta by Lake Michigan
Oostburg, Wisconsin
July 21, 2020
Photo by Karl


Lake Michigan: Poems and Photos

pink clouds
over Lake Michigan
as I listen to old hymns
my heart gathers peace
for this day

more colors of blue
in Lake Michigan
than I can name
the wonder of always learning
dreaming new dreams

June 2018

Pelicans were here May 2019. These two photos are by Karl.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Short Poems and Photos

new day begins
ribbon bookmarks
from beloved books
rest on the wood shelf

B eautiful way to
O pen hearts and
O pen minds to
K now new stories and
S ongs


a few poems
and pages
to hear an
author’s voice

reading poetry
my coffee gets cold
guess I made it
for the fragrance

“reading poetry”
Time Of Singing, A Journal Of Christian Poetry
Volume 43  “Intermezzo”
Fall 2016

Pelican and Lake Michigan
May 2019 – Photo by Karl

Robin Eggs
June 2015 – Photo by Karl

Lake Michigan – June 2015

Ferns by the cedar fence – June 2017

Ellen Grace Olinger