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names and addresses

names and addresses
for dear friends
no longer on earth
old address book

not yet written
in the overflowing book
cards and envelopes
with last known

still wanting to remember
what may no longer
be current – places I was
people I knew

Time of Singing, Spring 2018

“not yet written” and “still wanting to remember” were also published in All the Way Home: Aging in Haiku (2019). Edited by Robert Epstein. Middle Island Press; West Union, WV.


Easter Reflections

We live in a small town by Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. Today I sat in the sunroom, with the moon in the sky, and many reflections. Then work in the kitchen and blogs. So grateful for all that blogs bring to the world, and to our lives here. Someone is always sending out hope and beauty. A photo, poem, painting, stories, essays, and news of the seasons where they live – and more posts. Thank you.

Yellow Flowers from Reusable Art
Forsythia – Photo by Karl 2021
Lilac – Photo by Karl 2019
Daffodil – Photo by Karl 2020

Bridge: March WordPrompt


a small card
in a devotional book
from a thrift store

words of encouragement
from one person to another

I keep the card with the book
and its history today
and tomorrow

Ellen Grace Olinger, Archives

Art, blogs, books, poetry journals, prayers for health and peace – many bridges.

Photo by Toni Kavelj on

old pine trees

old pine trees
gave their lives long ago
so we could have shelter


yet the wood seems to live
radiates warmth and comfort

these are my thoughts
as Lent begins
and I quiet my soul

Poem from 2012

Photo by Diogo Cacito on
Photo by Secret Garden on