Psalm 46

Be still, and know that I am God . . .

From Psalm 46: 10

There is so much comfort to be found in the Psalms. When I read them all, I begin again. Sometimes I stay with one or two Psalms, and reread.

Perhaps if the Psalms are new for some readers, you recognize some thoughts, and now know the source. You may have seen a greeting card or poster, for example. I remember this too.

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Easter Poems

These are poems from my archives.

Easter sunrise
two lily flowers
by the window –
family in Heaven
and thoughts
of those on Earth

light reaches branches
on old tall trees
Easter sunrise

Easter lily blooms
in cold Wisconsin Spring
furnace runs
and through the rooms
fragrance of flowers

morning clouds
and here and there
enough light for the lily

Spring grows
afternoon shadows
on a green lawn

Ellen Grace Olinger

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