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Photo Challenge: Beloved

Beloved – perennials represent the generations, and their resilient souls.  Years and decades vary; beauty changes, grows deeper.  It was interesting to see a photo someone took of my mother when she was very old.  I did not see her age, even though I helped with her care, so much as see her spirit and soul grow stronger.  Unconditional love.

June2011Flowers 014

Forget-me-nots – photo by Karl, June 2011


Daylilies – July 2017

For me, as perennials bow to rain and fade, they picture grace, acceptance, and resilience.  They are beloved.  I look forward to their new season in 2018.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Trumpet Vines


Yesterday I posted a short poem that described a small country cemetery, with trumpet vines growing taller than the gravestones.  For me, this pictures the Easter story.

The photos of trumpet vines in this post are by “Paul Sherman of wpclipart dedicated to the Public Domain.”   He edits and manages this site, which is an education resource.


country roads

country cemetery
trumpet vines
growing taller
than the gravestones

This is a summer poem.  The small cemeteries by the country roads are maintained with care.  I added this poem to my list for my book about Wisconsin Seasons and Encouragement.  “country cemetery” was published in Time Of Singing (2012).


Photo of goldenrod and daylily is from August 2015.


beloved country roads

the images that went
past my mind and
to my soul

now old friends

and around the bend
seagulls rise
from corn stubble
winter fields


Photo from the yard is from January 2017.

Ellen Grace Olinger