Mother’s Day Haiku

I am honored that this blog seems to bring comfort to others.  I’ve had stretches of time when I could write very little, as I gave myself to teaching and caregiving.  But poetry and faith were growing deeper roots.  All by the grace of God.  We face our own limitations again and again; yet, in His mercy, they lead to blessings too. The language arts are a common theme in my life, across several decades.  “In the beginning was the Word…” (John 1).

gentle spring winds

in evergreen trees

the friendship we grew

…for Enola…

Carol Purington – Friend, Poet, Editor

Carol Purington and I are friends through poetry.  Today I wish to rejoice with Carol and her co-editor, Susan Todd; for I received their poetry anthology, Morning Song: Poems For New Parents, in today’s mail (St. Martin’s Press, New York, 2011).  I can see right away that it is an excellent book.  Many poets are included.   Here is the link to their website:


Photo of Lake Michigan by Karl.


The new BELL’S LETTERS arrived yesterday (No. 136 April 2011).  Happy to see this poem of mine included.  BL is a print journal edited by Jim Bell in Gulfport, MS, USA.


Skeins of geese flying
To our neighbor Canada
A brand new chapter…
Books arriving in the mail
Songs of beauty and courage.

Haiku and Tanka by Carol Purington

Earth’s roll:
tractor and plow turn over
a new spring


Bounded by strand
above strand of song
– the robin’s acre


Sudden shower –
leaving open the window
nearest the lilacs


Tell me how
the sky’s color is changed
by a cello note
and I will sing you
a sunrise

the shine of a firefly
in my room
the shape of a hermit’s hut
beside a mountain path


Haiku are from FAMILY FARM Haiku for a Place of Moons,
by Carol Purington.  Winfred Press (1999).

Haiku and tanka are copyrighted by Carol Purington.

Morning Song: Poems for New Parents, a poetry anthology edited by Susan Todd and Carol Purington, will be published on 4/26/2011, by St. Martin’s Press.

The Prism by Eve Jeanette Blohm

the prism light
reveals the rainbow colors
of a pastel spring garden

the winter skies wane
when we see the hills of
forsythias and daffodils

the orange tulips, I purchase
on my own birthday

give me a sense of rebirth
and hope of renewal

yellow is the color
of renewed hope
in tulips and daffodils
even forsythias

on the park hill

By Eve Jeanette Blohm, all rights reserved.