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Flowers ~ Favorite Photos

Here is a collection of some favorite photos by Karl, of bouquets I selected at different stores over time.

The daffodils, though, are from bulbs I put in a compost pile one year, because I wasn’t able to get them in the ground.  The bulbs were from an arrangement I received as a thank you gift. 

Hope you enjoy!

. . . and the Christmas Cactus…not yet blooming this year…

The Prism by Eve Jeanette Blohm

the prism light
reveals the rainbow colors
of a pastel spring garden

the winter skies wane
when we see the hills of
forsythias and daffodils

the orange tulips, I purchase
on my own birthday

give me a sense of rebirth
and hope of renewal

yellow is the color
of renewed hope
in tulips and daffodils
even forsythias

on the park hill

By Eve Jeanette Blohm, all rights reserved.

Spring Prayers

Sometimes answers to our prayers arrive in the same way as Spring.  One day we hear a new bird song, another day we see an eagle soaring, snow melts, and we look forward to some work in the yard, in the sunshine.   Seemingly small things add up to transformation and a new season.  God is with us always and He loves us.

reading the Psalms

tiny new leaves

on the ivy houseplant