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As I pray the Psalms, there is a sense of love and strength through time. I think of my parents and others no longer on earth. Love endures and grows. Friendships change too, as life asks different things of us. Blogs and books, faith and prayer, are constants. I remember how my mother reconnected with some old friends in their old age. Thank you for visiting today.

peaceful time
with my blogs

art on the walls
cards, and small gifts
from friends
I see them anew

spring colors
poetry journals and books
on a brown tablecloth

April 21, 2022
April 21, 2022
April 21, 2022

Garden Journal 2022
Photos by Karl

looking at trees

looking at trees
I remember prayers
of friends

Photo by Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto on

My haiku was published here on May 16, 2012. Reprinted in the book, The Helping Hand Haiku Anthology (Including Senryu, Tanka, and Haiga). Edited by Robert Epstein (2020, Middle Island Press). Karl and I also reprinted the poem in Quiet Christmas Poetry (2014).

Tanka by Carol Purington

On a drift of air
that circles the globe
from heart to heart,
continent to continent –
words of a carol

By Carol Purington (1949 – 2020).  All Rights Reserved.

From Christmas Tanka by Carol Purington, a post from December 23, 2017. Carol and I corresponded for years, and she enjoyed being a part of our blogs.

Please visit Woodslawn Farm for more information about Carol and her books.

Christmas candle

lighting the
Christmas candle
tiny flame
the night

Hermitage (2005), The Writers’ Bistro (2007), and Quiet Christmas Poetry

Photo by Federica Flessati on
Photo by Tantray Junaid on
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Photo by Magda Ehlers on

Two Poems

yellow chrysanthemum
on an old green chair
in the yard and an orange
pumpkin near the door
fall stillness

Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin yesterday

Psalms to pray
and poems to read
sun on seawalls

October 2021
Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin

Dawn Returns
The Haiku Society of America
2022 Members’ Anthology
John J. Han, Editor
Haiku Society of America, New York


Ellen Grace Olinger