Bloganuary 2022 – Thank You

I completed Bloganuary 2022, posting from my primary blog, POEMS FROM OOSTBURG, WISCONSIN. Thank you to The Team at for the excellent daily prompts in January 2022. Thank you to all who write and create art in many ways.

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Bloganuary 2022

The daily prompts from The Team at are excellent. I am writing posts at POEMS FROM OOSTBURG, WISCONSIN.

Yesterday the question was What do you like most about your writing?

I wrote, My writing is from my heart.

Then I searched in my archives for my “heart poems” and created two more posts:

Heart Poems and Heart Poems – 2.

Some of my posts are longer. I also realized that times I have not been able to write – work, family, health – new stories were growing in my life. Gratitude and Hope.

Many Artists

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These are a few of the many wonderful photos I posted here this year, from the free photo library.

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Creative Notes

And the Word
was made flesh,
and dwelt among us . . .
full of grace
and truth.

From John 1:14 (KJV)

We included this Bible verse in Quiet Christmas Poetry. I have loved this verse for years. The Word.

New Year, New Success with Bloganuary is a recent post from News.

I look forward to this new challenge in January, and will begin with new posts from my site, POEMS FROM OOSTBURG, WISCONSIN. As I learn more, I will share here as well.

Autumn Archives

lake and sky
the same color
Autumn Equinox

September 23, 2010

the old garage
autumn treetops

September 29, 2014

as the days
begin to shorten
my heart is drawn
to pray more
and contemplate
the Light of the World

John 1: 5a (KJV):

And the light shineth in darkness . . .

October 7, 2013

forming the shape
of a butterfly
two gold leaves

October 21, 2013

a Christmas wreath
for my parents’ graves
even though I know
they are not there

November 6, 2012

Emily Dickinson
on a rainy day . . .
a gold leaf stays
on the branch

November 6, 2013

light snow
on harvested fields
peace of small roads

November 14, 2014

garden journal
through the seasons
every photo a prayer

November 5, 2019

“garden journal” was the Daily Haiku: Nov. 4, 2019.
Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog

Photo by Karl – October 29, 2018
Part of a longer post, Haiku and Photos, on November 5, 2019.

Poems are by Ellen Grace Olinger.

Autumn Archives – Poems From Psalms And Nature