Acrostic Poem For ADVENT


A  doration and
D  evotion
V  ision of
E  ternity
N  ow in
T  ime


Photos by Karl (2012).  I rediscovered these pictures recently.  A bouquet was ending, so I made a new arrangement.  I bought the placemat at a thrift store.

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Quiet Christmas Poetry is a small collection, which includes this poem.

Blessings, Ellen

A Thanksgiving Prayer

May God bless you and yours this day and always.

If you are missing someone today,
I pray you will know His peace
and be comforted by God’s eternal love.

The card in the picture is a painting by Charles A. Waugaman,
a dear friend who was called Home in 2010.

Untitled By Eve Jeanette Blohm


Written August 9, 2011

In memory of Bill

Never stop giving,
Never stop believing,
Never stop loving,
Never say that word.

The world is an endless
Arch of beginnings
and endings,
Hellos and goodbyes.


By Eve Jeanette Blohm
New York, New York
All Rights Reserved.

Published in Silver Wings; Number 144, 2011.
Reprinted with Eve Jeanette’s kind permission.