Guest Artist – Merrill Ann Gonzales


This is a beautiful photo by Merrill’s husband, the late John L. Gonzales.

Both fine artists, we begin this Guest Post of Merrill’s drawings in John’s honor.


Cover Pine Island Journal of New England Poetry 2003 – 2004

Cover Stone Country

Cover Whole Notes 1993 a time for singing

Voices International Cover Drawing

Photo by John L. Gonzales and drawings by Merrill Ann Gonzales.
All Rights Reserved.

Posted here with Merrill’s kind permission.

A New Poem For Lent


once all this was new
and a challenge to learn
when not well

now I wind around
small country roads
reflecting on the gifts
of nature and poetry

so much undeserved Grace

Thy statutes have been
my songs
in the house
of my


*Psalm 119: 54 (KJV)

Image courtesy of

Danube landscape near Regensburg – by Altdorfer

Painting in the Public Domain and courtesy of

I learned from that this beautiful art by Albrecht Altdorfer dates back to 1522 – 25. 

Blogging brings so much education and beauty to my life, every day.

Thank you for all you share as well.  



journal challenge day 153

I’d like to share Wendy’s art with all the kind readers of “Poems From Psalms And Nature.” Blessings, Ellen

a girl and her brush

journal entry: stepping out and envisioning expansion today. what would that look like in my life? how do i get there?

materials used: watercolors, spray inks, shiva paintstiks, glitter glue, acrylic ink,  acrylic paint, collage, pen.

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