Favorite Poem


The background is red
Her hair has become silver
And her dress is rust.
Her smile these days is pure gold
And her eyes sparkle anew.

Ellen Grace Olinger

This is a favorite poem, written for my mother a long time ago.  It was published first in Time Of Singing.

Photo credit: wpclipart

GREEN photo challenge

Green – our gardens are just beginning this year.  Here are a few favorites from our archives.

MoonFlowers 077
Primroses – photo by Karl
Red tulip – Ellen Grace Olinger
Hosta near the birch tree – Ellen Grace Olinger
Lilly2010 003
Photo by Karl

Photos and Blessings

Ellen Grace Olinger
Ellen Grace Olinger

This is a perennial garden by the wood path to the back door.  Ferns and daylilies will grow here.

Ellen Grace Olinger

The steps on the path looked so beautiful yesterday.  The light and shadows in the yard were interesting as well.


I’ve been reviewing and beginning again with my handwritten gratitude journals, which I began after reading one thousand gifts by Ann Voskamp.  I note blessings such as “no loss of power.”  The last two years, I’ve been taking a lot of photos, which is another way to record gratitude.

Information about Ann Voskamp’s books may be read here.