Pictures – Old and New, and One Haiku


Vintage Aster from Reusable Art


Sheboygan County, Wisconsin 2017 – Ellen Grace Olinger

Impatiens 007

Impatiens planter 2010 – photo by Karl


I took this photo of Autumn Joy Sedum near Karl’s kayak a few days ago.  This photo of raindrops and a leaf on his boat is a favorite from last year.

100_6362 (2)

AutumnJoy 001

Autumn Joy 2010 – photo by Karl

in the mostly green garden
Autumn Joy Sedum

Haiku by Ellen Grace Olinger

Photo Challenge: Waiting

Waiting – we have long winters in Wisconsin, and spring is slow to grow, after it arrives.   This is good time, and it is good to rest and wait.  To be outside more now – late summer here – and leave some tasks for the long winter.


Winter 2017


Fall 2016 – the blue tarp on Karl’s trailer inspired photos.


Tulips from a store are wonderful in winter.

Snowdrops 007

Snowdrops are the first to bloom in our yard in spring.  Karl took this photo.

Ellen Grace Olinger



Structure photo challenge

Cactus 007

Christmas cactus – photo by Karl

WhiteRosesFeb1 007

Roses – photo by Karl

CharlesCard 004

The card is by Charles A. Waugaman, photo by Karl, and still life arrangement by Ellen.

100_7443 (2)

Ellen Grace Olinger