Acrostic for ADVENT and Photos

A  doration and
D  evotion
V  ision of
E  ternity
N  ow in
T  ime

This is a favorite poem, and thank you.

We included this poem in Quiet Christmas Poetry (2014).

These are photos from 2017 – grateful for God’s gifts of beauty.


100_8299 (2)

One of my treasures from Bethesda Thrift Store in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.


Lake Michigan yesterday


The light and found art on the wood porch are an inspiration, these colder days.

100_9444 (2)

Ellen Grace Olinger


Photo by Karl
Photo by Karl

Solitude is the theme for The Daily Post Photo Challenge this week.  Last week, readers especially liked Karl’s photo with the driftwood.  This photo is from the same series.  They are some of my favorites as well.

Photo by Karl
Photo by Karl

This photo by Karl became the cover of our large print chapbook, Quiet Christmas Poetry (the short poems can also be read at the site).  I am working on a new large print book now, and like the idea of sharing with nursing homes and libraries in our area.

Some of my poems from Quiet Christmas Poetry reflect a general theme of winter and seasons:


wind freeing the snow
from evergreen branches


S  ilence
E  nlivens
A  nd
S  olitude
O  pens
N  ew thoughts


reading one page
at a time
of this book and that
in gentle wind


looking at trees
I remember prayers
of friends


Ellen Grace Olinger
Ellen Grace Olinger