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five haiku and a lesson plan

These haiku appear in anthologies published by the Haiku Society of America (2013 – 2017).


Wisconsin spring
sandhill cranes
in a field of snow

Published in This World: Haiku Society of America 2013 Members’ Anthology, edited by Carolyn Coit Dancy.


morning prayer
water birds flying north
stay close to water

Published in Take-out Window:  Haiku Society of America 2014 Members’ Anthology, edited by Gary Hotham. This haiku was first published in SMILE, 67, 2010; edited by Joyce M. Johnson.


January thaw . . .
letting go
of old heartaches

Published in A Splash of Water: Haiku Society of America 2015 Members’ Anthology, edited by Catherine J.S. Lee.


light falls
through yellow maple leaves
the mercy of God

Published in Full of Moonlight: Haiku Society of America 2016 Members’ Anthology, edited by David Grayson.


country roads
reflections of light
from new steel roofs

Published in on down the road: Haiku Society of America 2017 Members’ Anthology, edited by LeRoy Gorman.


I wrote “country roads” for the EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration 2015: The Year of Light, The Haiku Foundation.


And I wrote this lesson plan, which was edited and published by Jim Kacian at The Haiku Foundation:

Haiku Lesson for All Ages: EarthRise Collaboration Themes and Poems.


Ellen Grace Olinger

Bridal Wreath

Ellen Grace Olinger – June 2017

My mother loved the bridal wreath bushes in bloom.  She did not drive, and I learned when I was in high school.  She taught at UW-Milwaukee.  Sometimes I drove there after school, and I can picture her waiting for me.  I remember what she saw, and the yard at home.  We planted this bush in our yard.  Some of the bridal wreath bushes in our area are as large as the old lilacs.

We’ve had a lot of rain, and farmers are busy planting their fields.  There are tiny corn plants in some fields.

Ellen Grace Olinger – June 2017



The morning light in the garden is beautiful.

Ellen Grace Olinger

June 2, 2017