“The earth, O LORD”


The earth, O LORD,
is full of thy mercy:
teach me thy statutes.

Psalm 119: 64 (KJV)


Today is my father’s birthday.  He lived on earth from 1915 – 1983.  Dad would love blogs!



Karen’s Whimsy Spring Clipart

Karen’s Whimsy Wildflower Pictures

Photos From Our Yard

This is a small collection of photos from our yard this year.  I’ve posted several on Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin in different posts.  As I blog one day at a time, every so often I review and create collections, which may become small print books over time.

These first two robin photos are by Karl.  The others are photos I took, as I am learning about photography. 


100_2685Peonies – my mother had pink, white, and red peonies in the yard.


Wildflower grows and blooms over our old brick path.  This pictures beauty and humility for me.

100_2405Shadow of forsythia is beautiful on the garage.  I saw this one day when I was working in the kitchen.  I think haiku teaches me to pay attention.

100_2616I love the trees and little flowers.

looking at trees
I remember
prayers of friends

100_2675where once I mourned irises

Ellen Grace Olinger
garden journal 2015

O Christ, Be Closer – Responsive Reading

I wrote this responsive reading a long time ago, when I was recovering from major surgery and a chronic illness.

“O Christ, Be Closer” received the Nellie Flory Memorial Award from Explorer Magazine in 1998.


O Christ, be closer
Closer than my afflictions, and
closer than my health
O Christ, be closer
Closer than my fears, and
closer than my hopes
O Christ, be closer
Closer than my solitude, and
closer than the crowd
O Christ, be closer
Closer than my failures, and
closer than my successes
O Christ, be closer
Closer than my nightmares, and
closer than my dreams
O  Christ, be closer
Closer than my memories, and
closer than my visions
O Christ, be closer
Closer than my life, and
closer than my death
O Christ, be closer

by Ellen Grace Olinger