New Series From The Psalms

As I was praying this morning, I thought I’d read the Psalms again. I read from various English translations.

I thought I would simply post a verse or two here from many Psalms.
And I’ll add a picture.

For this series, I will quote from the King James Version. My goal is to offer some moments of rest, beauty, and hope.

My next post will begin with Psalm 1. You are welcome to reblog our posts.

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Praise and Hope


In a previous post I quoted from the Contemporary English Version (CEV) of the Holy Bible.  My well-worn copy is THE PROMISE, copyright 1995, Thomas Nelson, Inc.  There is a detailed copyright note about which materials are copyrighted by the American Bible Society, and which by Thomas Nelson, Inc.  The notes and devotions are helpful.

This is the Bible of mine that is now held together by tape, in the Psalms.  I turn the pages with love and care.  I was reading Psalm 107 today, which encourages us to remember to offer God our praises, always.

I enjoy reading from many versions of the Bible.  When I was recovering from major surgery and a chronic illness in my 40s, I read the King James Version (KJV) of the Psalms, in a lovely paperback from Dover Publications.  This I could absorb.  So many other reading materials, however well-written, did not work for me then.

Now in my 60s, I keep reading and keep discovering new meanings in the Psalms.  For me, growing older is a great blessing.  Still here, one day at a time, with HOPE.

That is a tremendous comfort – the Psalms familiar when overwhelmed, and another day new.  And then to reflect upon God’s plan, which I trust more and more, and can never comprehend.


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Prose by Ellen Grace Olinger