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New Poems – May 2019

I published these poems as I wrote them on my blog, Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin. Today they are here, in one post, in honor of Mother’s Day. When I helped with her care, for many years a long time ago, my mother often asked if I was writing. Then I was not able to write, as often, for many reasons. Now my heart is overflowing.

My study of haiku influences my poetry in general. And my goal is to offer hope. There is a lot of rest around my posts, and the new WordPress editor makes it easy for me to create posts like this small collection today.

Hope you enjoy the poems, and perhaps one or two especially. And when you are unable to create, the work is still growing, as I have learned. Health must be the first priority. Thank you.

grey stillness

evergreen branches
are a painting
and I can see
the shape
of each branch

Easter lily
continues to bloom
and fragrance
blesses the room

May 2, 2019

morning clouds
and here and there
enough light for the lily

May 3, 2019

Spring grows
afternoon shadows
on a green lawn

May 4, 2019

after a warm day
and worth the wait

May 6, 2019

evergreen branches
dance in the wind

light on forsythia
by the old garage

daffodils and tulips
bloom in Sheboygan

and some here too
Wisconsin Spring

May 7, 2019


where one person may see
an empty building
I see the store that
was there before and
where I shopped
for my mother

the road may look grey
with rain today yet
I remember this road
on all kinds of days
over many years
and seasons

bookstores may have closed
yet shelves of books
to look at and perhaps buy
exist in different places
thrift stores and other stores
library discards too

one step at a time
a new life can grow
and sometimes later
we may realize that
we are more at home
than ever before

May 9, 2019

reading poetry
some blue sky among clouds
and forsythia

May 10, 2019


they can return
in new and different ways
some of the things
thought lost

my mother and I were
closer in her old age
though we always loved
language and books

a past illness led to me
simply sitting with her
for hours as that was 
something I could do

the trust that grows
through decades
of unconditional love

now sometimes
these many years
since her passing
I remember what she said
and the advice still applies

May 11, 2019

Ellen Grace Olinger – Spring 2019

Memories For Mother’s Day


of caregiving years

how often Mom
asked if I was writing

and I was not much
enough to be with her
and no energy to spare

now those years are over
a decade gone

I listen to music and
think of Mother’s Day soon

her life of literature
and wonder if she
was passing the torch

before I was ready to see

Ellen, today

The flowers are courtesy of http://antiqueclipart.com.

“Blessed are the merciful” Matthew 5


Yesterday, I bought a Mother’s Day bouquet.  I thought my mother would like that.

I remember when a penpal, the poet Jean Calkins, wished me a Happy Mother’s Day because I was a teacher.

These special days – and thinking ahead to Father’s Day next month – are for all who care, in my humble view!

So many people bless our lives.

Blessed are the merciful:
for they shall obtain mercy.

Matthew 5: 7

The image is from Owen Jones Decorative Borders, courtesy of Dover Publications.

A Cross Necklace

The lilies-of-the-valley are beginning to bloom.  My mother loved them, as I’m sure is true of many people.  I was just reading poems by Luci Shaw, and I shared her books with Mom too.  I remembered a marble cross necklace my mother had.  She gave me permission to wear it to high school, over 40 years ago.  And I lost it somehow and never found it.  My mother was so kind.  She pictured God’s love for me in many ways, including the keeping of material possessions in perspective. 

fragrance of forgiveness
memories of love

Luci Shaw’s website:  www.lucishaw.com.
Image courtesy:  www.antiqueclipart.com.

Time Of Singing – Spring 2012

The new Time Of Singing, A Magazine of Christian Poetry, arrived yesterday This is a lovely print journal, now in its 39th Volume.

 Lora H. Zill, the editor, announced that she created a Facebook Page for the magazine.   www.facebook.com/TimeOfSinging

 The website address for the magazine is www.timeofsinging.com.

The following poem of mine, from this blog last May, was included in this new issue of TOS.  You are welcome to share with others, with proper credit.  I know from my WordPress stats that people seek material for bulletin boards, notecards, and other reasons.

As a former teacher, I remember the need to plan ahead, so today I’m looking ahead to May!


A Haiku For Mother’s Day

Gentle spring winds
in evergreen trees
the friendship we grew


Image courtesy of antiqueclipart.com.

Mother’s Day Haiku

I am honored that this blog seems to bring comfort to others.  I’ve had stretches of time when I could write very little, as I gave myself to teaching and caregiving.  But poetry and faith were growing deeper roots.  All by the grace of God.  We face our own limitations again and again; yet, in His mercy, they lead to blessings too. The language arts are a common theme in my life, across several decades.  “In the beginning was the Word…” (John 1).

gentle spring winds

in evergreen trees

the friendship we grew

…for Enola…