Spring will return: large print

Spring will return
here and there
and then I’ll say,
“When did this happen?”

Today, though,
I rest in longer light
on evergreens
in a tiny bit of wind

Poem by Ellen Grace Olinger

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Haiku and Photos

I read a Psalm and
listen to the green *
my heart rests

* Listen to the Green, by Luci Shaw, is a favorite book.

Haiku by Ellen Grace Olinger – all the colors of the seasons.

Photo by Petr Ganaj on Pexels.com
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Poetry Journals – Spring 2021

Today I received two poetry print journals in the mail. Please visit their sites, if you would like more information. I have subscribed to both for years.

Time Of Singing A Journal Of Christian Poetry 


WestWard Quarterly The Magazine of Family Reading

And two photos for this post, from the WordPress.com free photo library.

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Welcoming Hope: Poems for those in need

Welcoming Hope: Poems for those in need is a book that we published with Time of Singing poetry journal. I reread the book recently, and the poems are strong and timeless.

Lora Homan Zill and I served as the Editors. Charles A. Waugaman was the Art Editor and Illustrator.

The book includes poems by many poets. With the universal themes of faith and hope, the book continues to be a beautiful work of art.

The book can be ordered from The Blue Collar Artist Time of Singing. All proceeds benefit Time of Singing. You can also learn more about Time of Singing “quarterly Christian poetry journal from Wind & Water Press.”

Welcoming Hope: Poems for those in need
2007, Elin Grace Publishing
Oostburg, Wisconsin
ISBN 978-0-9729848-4-3