Winter In October

For Paul F. Brandt

Another death
a sudden death
this autumn of
winter in October.

Condolences pour in
your service strengthens
and your body is laid to rest
in beloved Wisconsin land.

Now the grief begins
and how else could it be?

Surely a few people
will remain with us
in our loving sorrow
like the golden leaves
left on the tree
outside my window
that will turn green again . . .

Ellen Grace Olinger

Time Of Singing, A Journal Of Christian Poetry
Volume 35  “Intermezzo”
Fall 2008

You may also wish to visit the site for the Paul Brandt School Forest.


The pine trees are courtesy of wpclipart.

Memorial Day

My cousin, Paul F. Brandt, served in Vietnam.  Then he worked for the Department of Natural Resources in Wisconsin for many years.  He died suddenly in 2006, at the age of 60.  He left his land to the Boscobel School District, Wisconsin; now renamed The Paul Brandt School Forest.  The photo of the Vietnam War Memorial is courtesy of

We remember, we honor and love, we care for our wounded soldiers and veterans, and we pray for peace.  Ellen

* * *

Vietnam War Memorial