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New Poems and Photos


These are poems and photos from my first blog, Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin.


early morning
sunflowers wait
for the sun

early morning
fragrance of carnations
in the sunroom

the word
I seem to say
most often
these days —

August 4, 2018
Ellen Grace Olinger

The photos are by Karl.


These are two recent photos from the yard by Karl:



Bridal Wreath

Ellen Grace Olinger – June 2017

My mother loved the bridal wreath bushes in bloom.  She did not drive, and I learned when I was in high school.  She taught at UW-Milwaukee.  Sometimes I drove there after school, and I can picture her waiting for me.  I remember what she saw, and the yard at home.  We planted this bush in our yard.  Some of the bridal wreath bushes in our area are as large as the old lilacs.

We’ve had a lot of rain, and farmers are busy planting their fields.  There are tiny corn plants in some fields.

Ellen Grace Olinger – June 2017