Summer Reading and Writing

I have subscribed to a few poetry print journals for years.

Two examples are Time Of Singing A Journal Of Christian Poetry, and WestWard Quarterly The Magazine of Family Reading.

There are several current issues of both journals by the chair where I read in my small study. So many ways to read. I read poems in sequence, and know editors are so thoughtful about how a journal or magazine is created. Sometimes I may read a poem by a poet several times, and then look at other issues for more work by the poet. Over time, I may note the work of a given poet online and other journals. There may be a book I can buy someday. Or while I look forward to the Summer issue for this year, I may look back at previous summers; or catch up with issues that I was not able to read when they first arrived. Nice to have a small home library, where I can browse, grown over time. Still growing, and always more to learn.

There are so many good books, blogs, and journals. Always grateful.

Three Poems: Sunrise

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R  ose clouds at sunrise, and the day
O  pens to songs, silence, and new
S  trength, with hope
E  verlasting

ROSE acrostic poem

sunrise sun
through small spaces
in the clouds
how new dreams
may begin

sunrise . . .
some water
for the chrysanthemum

“sunrise . . .” was published in hedgerow #133. Caroline Skanne is Editor.

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Today I am reading again . . .

Today I am reading again from Time Of Singing, Summer 2021. Darlene Moore Berg is one of the poets in this issue. Her site is Darlene’s Poetical Pursuits.

Violet Nesdoly is another poet I know from TOS, over the years. Her site is Violet Nesdoly author – writer – artist. This week I received Violet’s beautiful art cards that I ordered from her ETSY shop, VioletNesdolyArt.

September morning

September morning
new arrangement
of Fall poetry journals *
from past years
in my study

Poem by Ellen Grace Olinger

* Time of Singing – Lora Homan Zill, Editor

You can view ARTWORK “Stained glass mosaics by Lora Zill” at The Blue Collar Artist.

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Poetry Journals – Spring 2021

Today I received two poetry print journals in the mail. Please visit their sites, if you would like more information. I have subscribed to both for years.

Time Of Singing A Journal Of Christian Poetry 


WestWard Quarterly The Magazine of Family Reading

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