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Three Poems: Sunrise

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R  ose clouds at sunrise, and the day
O  pens to songs, silence, and new
S  trength, with hope
E  verlasting

ROSE acrostic poem

sunrise sun
through small spaces
in the clouds
how new dreams
may begin

sunrise . . .
some water
for the chrysanthemum

“sunrise . . .” was published in hedgerow #133. Caroline Skanne is Editor.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

September morning

September morning
new arrangement
of Fall poetry journals *
from past years
in my study

Poem by Ellen Grace Olinger

* Time of Singing – Lora Homan Zill, Editor

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Three Poems


praying the Psalms
and reading poetry
books and journals
I write new poems
about everyday life


time to read
wind and shadows
on evergreens


books on the shelves
from many years
new books and old
from thrift stores
and discarded by libraries

looking at the books
as I sit and write
gives me peace
and books by my chair
in my small study

I do not need to teach
from the books, or even
read them on any schedule,
they are my books now
and they give me peace

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Poems by Ellen Grace Olinger