Creative Notes and Gift Ideas

Kathleen Gresham Everett’s site is The Course of Our Seasons.  Today I am reading her book, Festival of Lessons and Carols, Poems of December.  Please visit her page, The Seasons Bookshop, for more information about her books.


Quiet Christmas Poetry, the large print book Karl and I created from my site of the same name, is available at the Time Of Singing books page.  Since I recently posted about the anthology, Welcoming Hope: Poems for those in need, I would like to mention that you can combine orders for both books, for the special 3 for 12 dollars price.  All the details are at the TOS site.  Time Of Singing is published four times a year, and also would be a nice gift for someone else or yourself.  Lora Homan Zill is Editor.

My Aunt Irma was called Home this summer at the age of 99.  We went to a remembrance service at her retirement home last week, to honor and remember many residents.  When Aunt Irma first looked at the large print Christmas book, she said, “Oh, I can read this.”


Lora Zill’s site is FEELING GOD’S PLEASURE THROUGH CREATIVE WORK, the blue collar artist.   I enjoyed viewing her page, Stained Glass Art, today.


Thank you,

Ellen Grace Olinger

Time Of Singing: A Journal Of Christian Poetry

The Winter 2015/16 Time Of Singing arrived in the mail yesterday (Volume 42, Number 3).  This print journal is edited by Lora Homan Zill and is published by Wind & Water Press.

I am grateful to Lora Zill for reprinting O CHRIST, BE CLOSER, my responsive reading.  I shared this poem in a post on May 19, 2015.

Lora includes a note at the end of the new issue, and shares that “TOS has published poets not only from the U.S. but also from Mexico, Russia, Denmark, Croatia, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Germany, UK, and Albania, plus our many Canadian friends.  TOS is sent to prison inmates, libraries and church libraries.”

Time Of Singing also has a Facebook page.