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Seek Ye First . . .


The Daily Post prompt for July 11 was Born to Be With You.  This prompt asked for a description of a soul-mate and/or best friend.  I thought of Matthew 6: 33 and seeking God first.

gentle spring winds
in evergreen trees
the friendship we grew

fragrance of leaves
in the gardens
what good friends
we became
as we grew older

river of light
along the evergreens
the friends who stayed

I took the photo at the beginning of the post yesterday, after rain.  Here is the iris as it first bloomed.

Ellen Grace Olinger



The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is SYMBOL.


Spring: new growth through last year’s leaves

small flowers
close to the ground
many ways to grow

Ellen Grace Olinger

WordPress prompt – how we wish others to remember us

The prompt today is Don’t You Forget About Me.

I have thought about this question, though I would not claim a “legacy.”  Karl knows that if I am called Home first, I want my blogs to stay online.  Blogs are a wonderful way of organizing our work.  If there is some growth over these past years, perhaps that will encourage someone else.  I also have a bookcase from my father, where I keep the print books and journals that have published my poetry.

My parents, Harold and Enola Borgh, gave me their legacy of unconditional love and faith.

* * *

My cousin Paul F. Brandt died at a younger age than I am now.  His land is the Paul Brandt School Forest.

I wrote this poem for Paul and the family.  It was published in Time Of Singing (Fall 2008).

For Paul F. Brandt

Another death
a sudden death
this autumn of
winter in October.

Condolences pour in
your service strengthens
and your body is laid to rest
in beloved Wisconsin land.

Now the grief begins
and how else could it be?

Surely a few people
will remain with us
in our loving sorrow
like the golden leaves
left on the tree
outside my window
that will turn green again . . .

Ellen Grace Olinger

* * *

CharlesCard 003

The card is a watercolor painting and gift
from Charles A. Waugaman (1932 – 2010).
He lived in Vermont, USA.
All Rights Reserved.

Still Life Arrangement by Ellen.

Photo by Karl.

The Daily Post Prompt – “Celebrate Good Times”

The WordPress prompt today is Celebrate Good Times.  We are asked how we would celebrate if we received some “wonderful, improbable, hoped-for good news.”

I hope I would take some time to pray from the Psalms.  They include so many emotions, from heartache to praise.  Then I’d probably ask Karl to share a meal at one of our favorite family restaurants.  Judi’s Place in Oostburg, Wisconsin is one wonderful example.

Ellen Grace Olinger


The WordPress Prompt today is Toy Story.  We are asked to reflect upon our favorite plaything as a child and possible connection to today.

My answer is books.  While technical areas are hard for me, I do not remember learning how to read.  I read book after book.

I still love the beginning of John’s Gospel, “In the beginning was the Word . . .”

This love of books, and now blogs as well, is a comfort and challenge every day.  You may remember Quiet Christmas Poetry, a large print chapbook that Karl and I published last year.  We donated all proceeds to Time Of Singing. There is information on the TOS books page, if you are interested.

The Christmas blog is a free version of the book.  When I spent time with my mother in a nursing home, I saw writing classes for the residents.  One of my ideas is that the simple book may be a bridge to blogging for an older person who would like a new hobby and conversations.  I see so many blogs with different interests:  birds, crafts, poetry, food, family, watercolors, gratitude, etc.  More ideas than I ever imagined before.  So much creativity and hope.

And I think it is great the way print books and journals, and online ways of creating, can reinforce one another.  Lately, I ‘m also beginning again with crafts I used to enjoy; for example, knitting and coloring my own drawings of flowers.


Post updated on June 23, 2015.