one month ends

one month ends
another begins
evergreen branches
frame the night sky

My poem is from Quiet Christmas Poetry, our large print chapbook, from our site with the same name. Perhaps you would enjoy a large print copy as well, or to set aside for a gift. You can read the poems at the site.

The book can be ordered from Time of Singing “quarterly Christian poetry journal from Wind & Water Press.” You can also visit Editor Lora Zill’s site, The Blue Collar Artist.

Thank you,
Ellen Grace Olinger

Creative Notes

CHRISTIAN PUBLISHING 101: The comprehensive guide to writing well and publishing successfully – for new authors, editors, and students. ANN BYLE, Foreword by Jocelyn Green. Credo House Publishers, Grand Rapids Michigan. Copyright 2018 by Ann Byle.

I learned about CHRISTIAN PUBLISHING 101 from the Time Of Singing site. Editor Lora Homan Zill’s chapter in the book is “The Heart of a Poet: Writing to Challenge Readers.”

Just beginning to read this book.

On a related note, Time Of Singing, A Journal Of Christian Poetry is now publishing Volume 46. I have subscribed for years. TOS is currently published four times a year by Wind & Water Press (Conneaut Lake, PA).

I also bought the new edition of WALKING ON WATER: Reflections on Faith and Art, by Madeleine L’Engle. Preface by Sara Zarr and Reader’s Guide by Lindsay Lackey. Convergent Books, New York. Madeleine’s book was first published in 1980 by Harold Shaw Publishers. An important book for me, over the years.

Ellen Grace Olinger

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Bread and Honey by Lora Homan Zill

Bread and Honey is a beautiful book of poems by Lora Homan Zill (2017, Wind & Water Press).

Her book can be ordered from:

Wind & Water Press
PO Box 5276
Conneaut Lake, PA 16316

The price is $7 per copy, which includes postage.  Please make checks payable to Wind & Water Press.


Lora’s site is Feeling God’s Pleasure Through Creative Work, the blue collar artist.


Lora Homan Zill also edits and publishes Time Of Singing: A Journal Of Christian Poetry.  This print journal is now in its 45th Volume.


Teaching Artist in Action: Lora Zill

Yesterday I received the new Time Of Singing: A Journal of Christian Poetry (Volume 43, Number 2; Summer 2016).

I was happy to learn of the interesting article online, Teaching Artist in Action: Lora Zill.  The article was published by Erie Arts & Culture.

Time Of Singing, an international print journal, is published by WIND & WATER PRESS (Conneaut Lake, PA, USA).

Time Of Singing: A Journal Of Christian Poetry

The Winter 2015/16 Time Of Singing arrived in the mail yesterday (Volume 42, Number 3).  This print journal is edited by Lora Homan Zill and is published by Wind & Water Press.

I am grateful to Lora Zill for reprinting O CHRIST, BE CLOSER, my responsive reading.  I shared this poem in a post on May 19, 2015.

Lora includes a note at the end of the new issue, and shares that “TOS has published poets not only from the U.S. but also from Mexico, Russia, Denmark, Croatia, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Germany, UK, and Albania, plus our many Canadian friends.  TOS is sent to prison inmates, libraries and church libraries.”

Time Of Singing also has a Facebook page.

Editor’s Arias by Lora Homan Zill

Yesterday, I watched rain turn to snow.  How beautiful the view outside the windows.  I’m rereading the Winter 2012-13 issue of Time Of Singing.

Lora Homan Zill’s Editor’s Aria reflects upon the Christmas story, and holding on to hope in our complex world.  Her article can be read on the Editor’s Arias page at Time Of Singing.  She writes about how poetry “gives us the space to wrestle with existential questions, and then settle in the depths of the Mystery when they remain unanswered.”  She hopes TOS offers a community where we are not alone as we seek, and where we can be at peace along the way, in our journeys of faith.

Lora also blogs with WordPress.  Her site is the blue collar artist, knowing God through creative work.

Time Of Singing is published by Wind & Water Press.  Lora will be handling the sales for the Christmas book Karl and I are working to complete (almost ready for the printer).  We are donating proceeds to TOS, to help with postage.