snow on the fields

gentle growing snowfall
evergreens heavy-laden
and bearing the weight
with such ease

all the fields
that will soon be
corn and soybeans
wheat and wildflowers

prepared for planting

I found this poem again
in my February 2012 archives for this site,
Poems From Psalms And Nature.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Photo by Karl

Lake Michigan: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall


Photo by Karl

This photo became the cover of Quiet Christmas Poetry, which may be ordered from the Time Of Singing books page.


Photo by Ellen Grace Olinger


Photo by Ellen Grace Olinger


Photo by Karl

As Spring Grows From Winter

A short time ago, there were snowflakes on the window screen.  The sun shines now, and already the snowflakes are gone.  There are icebergs along the Lake Michigan shore where we live.  Snow rests on trees that will grow new leaves and on evergreens.

I think of harder years, and the blessings and art that grew from them.

As spring grows from winter, which is also beautiful.


Ellen Grace Olinger

country roads

country cemetery
trumpet vines
growing taller
than the gravestones

This is a summer poem.  The small cemeteries by the country roads are maintained with care.  I added this poem to my list for my book about Wisconsin Seasons and Encouragement.  “country cemetery” was published in Time Of Singing (2012).


Photo of goldenrod and daylily is from August 2015.


beloved country roads

the images that went
past my mind and
to my soul

now old friends

and around the bend
seagulls rise
from corn stubble
winter fields


Photo from the yard is from January 2017.

Ellen Grace Olinger